just a little north of Fairbanks
where the nights are still wild
the bar where the dawgs howl
the kittens drink for free
(907) 456-4695
Find out what's up at the Howling Dog Bar and Saloon
11.5 MILE
Old Steese Highway
Fox, Alaska
Thursday, 17 August 2017
We would love to hear your comments, yeah the good, the bad and the ugly is all ok, so peck away and do come back, we'd like to see you again~~
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garlic man said:

July 30, 2014 Votes: +0

a night in the life

heh. back in the day. saturday night was not complete if it wasn't ALL spent at the dog. midnight volleyball out back; dancing to the music of "p.f. flyer" (later just "flyer") inside. following the meeting of prez reagan and pope john paul ii in may, '84, 'flyer' played on the eponymous pope's carpet.

thanks for all the good times... i thank you; my liver thanks you...

Ed said:

June 27, 2013 Votes: +0

Fond memories, the ones I can actually remember

Spent many a Friday night at The Dog back in the day. latter 70's, early 80's. Who knows, maybe my son up there does these days. I will have to ask him.

"Whether it's cold, or Whether it's hot, I'll be at The Dog, weather or not"

Bo Jonson said:

March 10, 2013 Votes: +0

The ABSOLUTE BEST of times!

I was fortunate to have spent many summer Saturday nights partying at the Dog, while stationed at Wainwright with the 283rd MedEvac, 1984-88. The folks in Fox made my time in Ah-lass- kaaaah the absolute best of memories!
I just found a coupla souvenir Howling Dog T-shirts among my relics... can't believe it's been almost 30 years! Don't know if ya'll are still in business, but I wanted to thank everyone there anyway. "I'd rather have fleas, than listen to disco!" The Legend lives on....
Thanks- Bo Jonson

tim owens said:

September 06, 2012 Votes: +2


I was at the Howling Dog in 76'-78'- stationed at the 47th engineers @ Wainwright. anybody ever heard of John Powlin, from New Jersey?

Travis said:

January 17, 2012 Votes: +2

Just say Hi

Hey Ralph just wanted to say hi.Hope it's starting to get light up there.Hear reports ya'll are having a rough winter.Keep warm and dry.If you come to tenn. to see your mom don't forget to give us a holler.Did the MYPIG licence plate ever make to you, sent it to the P.o.Box Stay safe.Travis RLAMFsmilies/smiley.gif

Bob Payne said:

November 29, 2011 Votes: +3


Going through some old stuff the other day and came across a book of Howling Dog matches from my UAF days (mid eighties, still worked). Psyched to see you are still there! Doesn't look like the place has changed at all. Lot's of good memories...good people, late night frisbee and a band called PJ and The Flyers...they did an awesome version of Lou Reed's Sweet Jane. This old neutered dog hopes to get back for a visit soon.


Steve said:

November 15, 2011 Votes: +3

Sweet memories

I was so stoked to stumble upon this site and see that the Dog was still open. I was a frequent customer back in '75-'76 while I was stationed at Wainwright. While I have many fond memories these are a few that come to mind...Jammin' Tequila Night-when the band took a break you could stand in line at the bar and get a free shot of tequila. No limits. Take a shot, go to the end of the line, get another, etc. You could also jam with the band. I seem to remember some colored lights over the bandstand that when a certain colored light came on that meant you had to extinguish your pakalolo because a trooper was at the door. Also you would hide your kids under that table if you brought them. Was there a parachute (party)room? I played a lot of foosball. Of course I still tell people how you could dance all night then go outside at 3:00 am and throw the frisbee around in the parking lot for a half hour and then go back in and party some more. There were many killer bands but the one I most remember had a lead guitarist that could wail. He did a rendition of Bowie's Suffrogette City that was to die for. Good times. Thanks for the memories Dog.

Rosie said:

June 27, 2011 Votes: +2

Where's Rocket? The kitchen has gone to the dogs =((

smilies/sad.gif The review I just wrote for The Urban Spoon

The Howling Dog is an absolute staple for entertainment for locals during the summer season. I USED TO be able to say the same about the food. 'The Dog' is only open during the summer time so I had no problems justifying that I would indulge in Rocket's Mushroom Swiss Burger and cheese fries every weekend, either Friday or Saturday night while one of various awesome bands played live music.
HOWEVER, that is NO LONGER the case. The Silver Gulch Brewery is now in charge of the food and it is glaringly obvious that they COULDN'T CARE LESS about the patrons of The Howling Dog. Seriously. There is no longer a Mushroom Swiss on the menu. Cheese Fries are no longer available either. I paid the SAME PRICE ($12.00) for a very sub-standard dry tasteless burger, a crappy stale bun, and very good fries, but about 1/3 of the portion of the past. Since Silver Gulch doesn't give a shit about us, I will no longer make the trip to the Dog just for the food and stick around for the entertainment.

My loyalty to the 'Dog' remains, but I'll eat before I go now and spend my $12 on drinks and tips instead.


June 23, 2011 Votes: +1


smilies/grin.gif THE GREAT ALASKAN FOODSTOCK 2011
JUNE 17, 18, 19TH 2011

CALL JAY~ 799-2476

Daniel "PHOTODUDE" Ogas said:

June 23, 2011 Votes: +0

Need email contact to send link to pics please

I have some pics up on my site. I need an email address so I can send an invite with the password so you can take a look before I make it a public folder.

Thanks for all the fun. I am feeling a bit slow today. Please tell all the great people there thanks!!



Russ Mckenzie said:

May 07, 2011 Votes: +0


smilies/cool.gif ,,,,,Just wanted to say hi everybody ,,,,,

Debra Jacobson said:

April 21, 2011 Votes: +0


any one remember beth weinstein from the summer of 1974-75? we lived in campground by the tanana river in fairbanks.....

clint tuminella said:

March 13, 2011 Votes: +0


I wonder what happen to the red carpet that pres. reagan and pope john both stood on at the fairbanks airport may 1984. The dog bid on and won, it was on the band stage for awhile.

LuLu Small said:

January 28, 2011 Votes: +5


smilies/grin.gif Hello way up North....well, many years have passed, and old age has crept painfully in along with the need for bionic replacement parts...and when I see the old pics of MY HISTORY on one of my very favorite stages in Alaska, it chokes me with a sentiment that saddens my soul knowing I may never return...but the facts are there, and sometime very soon all will be mended and I will stand tall and proud on the Pope Carpet---Still Rockin' The Last Frontier!

Daz (Darren Roberts & Paula Cooper) said:

December 04, 2009 Votes: +0


We stumbled across The Howling Dog a few years ago....this place made a big impression. Note to all newbies, go there, join in the jollities, have a few beers at the bar and enjoy the chat. Great bunch, and we will be back! Daz & Paula, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

gary "Alaska" Sloan said:

October 24, 2009 Votes: +4


does anyone know which weekend in June Jay has reserved the Dog for FOODSTOCK? We are starting to put our Tour 2010 together and it is always the highlight along with Solstice.

Joe Zerance said:

September 11, 2009 Votes: +2


Hey! Been a looong time since I've been to the Dog,it's a long walk from Halifax,Pa.! Who's handlin' the "DogWear"? My shirts finally too worn to stay on me,need a new one! Help! (my "Skinny Dicks" is only half worn out,tells ya where I'd rather be!) :} Hope to hear from you soon,winters comin' and I'm almost nekked.Thanks,Joe

Lynus said:

August 11, 2009 Votes: +2

Wish I was There

Got involved with more than I bargained for heading south--wish I was there, but we ain't got nothing if we don't stand for freedom now--Lynus smilies/wink.gif

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