just a little north of Fairbanks
where the nights are still wild
the bar where the dawgs howl
the kittens drink for free
(907) 456-4695
Find out what's up at the Howling Dog Bar and Saloon
11.5 MILE
Old Steese Highway
Fox, Alaska
Thursday, 17 August 2017

I started partying at the Howling Dog just after Mike moved it from Ester, Ol' Mike was young and (of course) still alive back then and had the most outrageous bar going in the whole Interior. Damn Sure wild times in those days--lot's of bush people and bikers, pipeliners and miners, everybody having such a fine attitude, including the law, that pretty much anything went-- Well the Dog is still in Fox, and still one of the unique bars of Fairbanks, Ak and is just as interesting as ever although a little tamer (only just a little). Lynus O'Brien

RUCKUS ~ Foodstock 2008